who is bemoty

bemoty is me, josh. it’s a name i made up when i was a kid and i’ve been using it ever since.

i’m a software developer studying computer science at the university of innsbruck and working as head developer at gommehd.net.

besides programming, i’m also interested in music, design and (natural) languages.

bemoty and the blockgame

one thing that especially caught my interest is minecraft. i went from casually playing the game back in 2011 to being part of the minecraft bug tracker moderation team, proofreading the german game+website translation, administering one of the largest european minecraft server networks and meeting a lot of awesome people along the way.

so naturally, the game has a special place in my heart and when someone knows me, they usually know me because of minecraft.

who is that guy with the bag

it’s me. i drew a smiley on a bag, put it on my head and took a picture because i thought it looked cool and it’s been my avatar ever since.